Meet our Executive team

Tom Sikkema
Founder & CEO

Zachary Meadows
Director of Data Analytics

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Riley Costen
Director of Human Resources

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Karas Bayko
Director of Operations

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Bradyn Sikkema
Director of Finance

Bradyn, our esteemed Director of Finance, embodies our mission of dismantling barriers to a fulfilling life.

Founder of Ride YourWay, Tom Sikkema, when he was a teenager facing a life-threatening brain tumor.

Tom's Story

The Ride YourWay journey was fueled by personal experience: The company's Founder, Thomas Sikkema, faced a rare and life-threatening brain cancer diagnosis when he was just a teenager. Fueled by unwavering family support, including his brother Bradyn, they navigated the challenging path of daily trips to cancer treatments. The resilience paid off, and Thomas emerged victorious in his battle.

Inspired by this ordeal, Thomas and Bradyn transformed their passion for helping people into Ride YourWay. Their goal is simple yet profound – to extend to you the same level of care and compassion that they have experienced firsthand. With a commitment to personalized, punctual, and safe transportation for medical appointments, events, and beyond, Ride YourWay is more than a business; it’s a heartfelt mission to ensure you’re always in the safest hands during your journey.

“After my battle, I understood what it was like to navigate through a difficult medical diagnosis – and it all starts with how you access care. My goal each and every day is to provide each Ride YourWay client with their own individualized experience and the most affordable price for all!”

Thomas Sikkema, founder of Ride YourWay

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Values We Live By

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Do the right thing

We strive to always do the right thing by serving our clients with the best experience possible. Why? Because we’ve been in your shoes before.

Be Yourself

Each Ride YourWay team member is empowered to be themselves and let their personality positively impact our mission in its own way.

Clear & Concise Communication

To ensure communication does not hinder our mission of removing barriers that prevent people from living their best lives.

Growth Oriented

To constantly improve our services and ensure we’re meeting and exceeding the needs of our current and prospective communities.

Constant Self-Improvement

Whether within Ride YourWay or their personal lives, we constantly pour into our team members to ensure they are winning at work and home!

Always Serve Wholeheartedly

Wearing our hearts on our sleeve is what we do. Everyone has a unique story, and that story impacts the world!

Proudly Serving Both East & West Michigan

With physical locations on both sides of the state, we are able to serve the greater East and West Michigan area. Questions about your location? Send us a message!

Interested in joining our team?

Here at Ride YourWay, we are always looking to onboard and certify new drivers. Visit our careers page for more details.